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1. Advanced Trading Tools
A Scottrade online trading account gives you access to the Scottrade Trading Website, which is available in English or Chinese. Enjoy fast, intuitive navigation as you monitor your account at a glance, from balances and pending orders to watch lists and alerts.
2. Customize Your Trading Site with Drag & Drop Convenience
Recent updates to the Scottrade Trading Website now enable you to create up to 3 different trading home pages, with up to 23 tables displayed per page; simply select, grab and position to organize data in a way that works for you.
3. Quick Quotes and Data Put Research at Your Command
Easily research and review information and stock quotes using convenient online trading tools, stock performance charts and tables, many of which present real-time market information, that can potentially improve your ability to find trading opportunities that match your investing strategy.
4. Convenient Investing Tools Enable a Birds-Eye View of the Market
Scottrade’s World Markets, Market Pulse and top performers data can help you get a broad view of the trading market, providing potentially valuable insights, which you may find useful for assessing trends or taking a big-picture approach to your investment opportunities.
1. Easily Trade Anytime & Anywhere
Scottrader Streaming Quotes is compatible with both Macs and PCs and can be accessed directly from the Scottrade Trading Website.
2. Customize Your Own Trading Interface
Personalize Scottrader Streaming Quotes with adjustable font sizes, color themes and layout settings. Create real-time streaming charts and Top 10 lists, or set up live news updates, filtered for your areas of interest.
3. Advanced Charting
Analyze up-to-the-minute price and volume patterns with the help of more than 20 different technical indicators and trend lines.
4. Watch Lists
Monitor securities using lists with unlimited symbols. Your Quote Grid will display up to 40 at a time. Or set up alerts for notification as soon as a security you’re monitoring meets your customized criteria.
5. Active Ticker
Stay connected as symbols from your watch lists automatically scroll at the speed you select.
6. Market Movers
Track current top gainers and losers, using Scottrader’s pause feature whenever you need to linger on a snapshot in time.
1. Scottrader trading platform is currently only available in English version
2. NASDAQ Level II may subject to fee charge, please refer to Fees & Commissions for details.
1. Strong Compatibility
Scottrade Mobile App is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android to meet different client needs.
2. Instant Market Stats
Get a real-time glimpse of the market as soon as you open the Scottrade® Mobile app, with performance data for the major indexes at your fingertips.
3. Account Status Overview
One step to check total asset, market change, gains/losses and order status, which lets you easily track market performance and inverstment portfolio anytime & anywhere.
4. Monitoring List
Flexible monitoring list allows customers to monitor the potential shares, thereby discovering more investment opportunities.
1. Scottrade Mobile App is currently only available in English version.
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