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Fees and Commissions Schedule
US Stocks - Commissions
Internet Phone-in-Trade
Stocks price
USD $1 or over
USD $7 USD $32
Stocks price
under USD $1
USD $7 +
0.5% of the principal value
USD $32 +
0.5% of the principal value
  1. Phone-in-trade means orders are placed on the phone with a Scottrade (Hong Kong) Limited licensed representative rather than via the online trading platform.
  2. Commissions are charged on a per order basis.
  3. Generally, orders must be executed online to qualify for the Internet commission rates.
  4. Some securities cannot be traded online and must be traded with our assistance.
  5. Limit orders executed over multiple days and orders modified after a partial execution on the same day (e.g.: Good 'til Canceled and Good 'til Date orders) will be treated as separate orders for commission calculation purposes.
Additional Fees and Services
Service Fees USD
Mailed Confirmation to an Internet Account $1
Mailed Statement to an Internet Account $2
Duplicate Historical Confirmation $2
Duplicate Historical Statement $3
International Express $60
Returned Check $25
Notices (Such as Sell-out or Buy-in) $25
Wire Funds Out to U.S $25
Bank Wire Transfer to Hong Kong or International
(Excluding Intermediary Charges)
Outgoing Full Account Transfer $75
Mandatory Reorganizations $20
Voluntary Reorganizations $25
Legal Items $25
Merger / Redemption Deposit of Old Stock Certificate $90
Regulatory Transaction Fee (SEC fee) 0.00174% of sales proceeds
DTC Certificate Deposit Rejection
Due to Stop Transfer / Certificate Replacement
ADR Fee Passed on from Issuing / Managing Bank Up to $0.10 per share
Streaming Quotes Trading Systems - Fees
Advantage Quote Monthly Fee (USD) Extra Offer
Scottrader NASDAQ Level II Quotes $10 Free-of-charge
with 10 or more transactions per month
Special Charges (Scottrade will seek your prior approval before such fees are charged.)
Service Fees USD
Foreign Stocks Listed in U.S. (Special) Transfer In / Out $60 (per trade)
Foreign Stocks Listed in U.S. (Special) Certificate Deposit $250 (per certificate)
Foreign Stocks Listed in U.S. (Special) Certificate Withdrawal $250 (per certificate)
  1. All Commissions & Charges are subject to modifications and/or amendments from time to time and at any time by Scottrade (Hong Kong) Limited without prior notice.
  2. This Commissions and Fees Schedule sets out the main categories of fees and charges. Some special services may require additional fees which are not specifically listed here.
  3. Last updated: Jan. 2nd 2013

Scottrade (Hong Kong) Limited has registered under the Securities and Futures Ordinance (Cap. 571 of the Laws of Hong Kong) for Type 1 (dealing in securities) Regulated Activity ( CE number AYH939).

Scottrade, Inc. is member of FINRA/SIPC.
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